When you see a Baby Godzilla-Sea Creature

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When you see a Baby Godzilla-Sea Creature
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The “Baby Godzilla” is a giant lizard (of course, not as giant as Godzilla) and you might know it by its original name – the Marine Iguanas! The marine iguana is an iguana found only on the Galapagos Islands that has the ability, unique among modern lizards, to forage in the sea, making it a marine reptile. The iguana can dive over 9 meters  into the water. It has spread to all the islands in the archipelago and is sometimes called the Galapagos marine iguana. It mainly lives on the rocky Galápagos shore to warm from the comparably cold water, but can also be spotted in marshes and mangrove beaches. These magnificent creatures are now very endangered and they are on the verge of an extinction, unfortunately! Even though you might find them pretty terrified, these animals are unique and one of a kind. One expedition of the divers went to the Galapagos Island and taped amazing footage of these underwater lizards. Check out how they look in the water and see the undoubtful similarity with the Godzilla!

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